23 April 2012

   About botanical-source dyes

Botanically-sourced dyes have been part of India's rich cultural heritage for many centuries.  In Rajasthan, where these fabrics are printed, a shrinking number workshops continue to create these labour intensive blockprints.

Black colour is created using a fermentation of scrap iron and raw jaggery sugar.  Rusty red is made with a mixture of roots and flowers steeped in a fixative of dried pomegranate skins.  The dyes are steeped and fermented for many days until they are ready to be mixed with plant gum to make ink for wood block printing.

Green botanical print 6-button jacket
Green Botanical print detail

19 April 2012

about wood block printing

the first impression with a new block

first trial run with new wood blocks and ink colour swatches

a printer working his way down the long table
 the printer quickly registers each block repeat 

it's exciting testing newly designed blocks!
Andree consulting with the master block carver

detail of Brown Botanical kurta     
hand printed with woodblock with natural botanical-source dyes on 100% cotton
coconut shell buttons, two pockets, unlined

new woodblocks

18 April 2012