16 September 2018

One Day Only
so many unique treasures - one of a kind

coming to 613 flea 

14 September 2018

Ottawa People
Coming next Saturday 
September 22nd
One day only at @613flea 

INDIGO STORY Bringing you genuine, one-of-a-kind, handmade in India, SCARVES, CLOTHES, and ACCESSORIES. Botanical source hand block prints.

Special Fall feature - for this sale event only - A walk down memory lane, a collection of vintage blockprint scarves from Sarah Clothes days. 
This huge trove of vintage scarves are an archive of the golden days of Jaipur's block prints. The intricate prints and colours are gorgeous.

A selection of authentic tribal silver jewlery, vintage embroideries, authentic cotton, silk and wool shawls and jackets will be featured.

Hope to see you there!