11 January 2015

Designing Block Prints
Once the design for the new block print is complete and sent for carving in wood, the colour combinations for the print must be decided.  Getting them right is concentrated work!  All colours change their character in a print depending on how large or small their size and what colours their neighbours are.  It is all about harmonizing shape and tone and colour.
Here I am working out three colourways (combinations) for a new wood block for home furnishings named Denise.  I use paint, pantone chips and cotton swatches, the bottles at back hold a collection collected over 30 years..colour swatches are precious!
The colour master at the print workshop will begin making new recipies for each of the colours (working with powder colour and a weigh scale) and once approved, we are ready to try out the newly carved wood blocks and start production.
Denise furnishings will be available at Soma shops in India, summer 2015.

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