28 November 2017

Indigo Sutra Conference

Back in India!

I am back in Jaipur, working on new block print designs.

In November, I attended a conference on INDIGO in Calcutta. It was organized by Sutra
What a wonderful Indigo Tribal Clan meeting! There were speakers, specialists and textile artisans from all over the world. There was also a terrific Indigo Exhibition, curated by Simon Marks.
Hands-on workshops, and a gathering of pan-Indian natural dye textile producers running a bustling shopping bazaar. The fabrics were beyond amazing.
I bought many one-of-a-kind handmade scarves to bring back for Spring 2018 Sister Bazaar, the finest handmade blues anywhere. More on the new stock later..
I want to share some pictures from the Indigo Sutra event.
Before the conference, I went on a three-day excursion around a region of Bengal that specializes in hand weaving and dyeing.
Self, overjoyed to be immersed in blue on the Indigo Trail
An indigo vat must be carefully tended every day
A block of natural botanic source indigo

First dipped yarn. Indigo colour is best dipped 2 to 9 times to achieve a deep blue dye

Yarn after more dips. 
Blue Gold.
Fragments of 200 year old indigo cake. It had the luminosity of sapphire!

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